Hello Malta!!!


Greetings from WPAI Malta, a Photography Society for the Photography Experts in Malta!!!


WPAI Malta is a sister concern of WPAI India that aims at exploring the visual culture and practices among the photography enthusiasts in Malta. Malta has been always a great contributor to international photography events like photography salons and circuits across the globe. WPAI Malta is committed to bringing more opportunities and exposure to the photographers of Malta. Malta is a beautiful country with a rich natural and cultural heritage. The art of photography in Malta is also so rich and diverse in nature. We know people’s passion for photography here and hence we wish to take their skill to the next level with collaboration, affiliation and guidance. 


WPAI Malta helps the photography clubs and photographers of the country to organise and promote photography-related events like international salons, circuits, photography tours and events. We also assist the photographers to integrate their aesthetic idea into scholarly outputs through publication. WPAI Malta wishes to bring more exposure to your aesthetics and knowledge connected to photography. 


WPAI Malta wishes for your collaboration and feedback for the sake of a healthy platform for photographers and photography lovers in Malta.


Thanking you